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Our Story

A short trip of our memory lane over past five years tells an interesting story of the transformation of a small home based kitchen in Netherlands to a full scale professional catering and takeaway establishment. Love for food and experimenting with spices to serve authentic Indian dishes with the best taste is our motto. We guarantee authentic taste, best quality ingredients and the touch of love in our dishes.


ankita chaudhuri
ankita chaudhuri
January 9, 2023.
Best Calcutta style biriyani in Amsterdam. If you are craving your favourite Calcutta biriyani - Wah India should be your go-to place. The only place which matches the taste, aroma and flavour. Their chilli chicken, chicken Kosha and Moghlai paratha are also some of their dishes that is a favourite.
Megha Mallick
Megha Mallick
December 27, 2022.
The best chicken biryani Bengali style and mutton chop I've had after I left home. We ordered Rahu fish kalia also, which was good, but I expected it with sorshe (mustard paste). Homemade food, nicely spiced in Bengali style. Couldn't give it 5 stars because the order was 1 hour late, but the food cured it all 🤌🏼.
Ankita Mohapatra
Ankita Mohapatra
August 28, 2022.
Best mutton biryani I have had in Netherlands. Mutton kossa and Luchi were amazing. Yet to taste the fish curries. The people there are kind and food is very impressive in quality as well as quantity. Nothing was too oily or too spicy, very home food like.
Amarjit Biswas
Amarjit Biswas
July 10, 2022.
Writing this review literally at the middle of the night, cause I am still in disbelief. Found the most authentic and awesome tasting Kolkata style biriyani today. We have been craving for the Kolkata style biriyani ever since we moved to the Netherlands. Till date none of the restaurants came close to replicate the taste of Kolkata/ awadhi biriyani. The closest we had was during our trip to Paris but Wah India superceded them. The biriyani had all the good qualities of Kolkata biriyani - aroma, superbly cooked mutton and above all the potato. We also ordered a plate of loochi-alur dam and it was absolutely delectable too. We travelled all the way from Utrecht to this place and were truly apprehensive seeing the flurry of negative reviews. But we are glad we made the choice, cause now we have found our endless supply of authentic tasting biriyani. Hats off to this humble takeaway joint, it is a resounding 5 star 🌟.


Poush Parbon is here this weekend. Checkout our specially selected dishes in the menu.


We use the best ingredients available in the market. Everything is prepared with fresh ingredients and from scratch. We strongly believe that the taste of food is best when served fresh with natural ingredients!


A snapshot of our most loved dishes. Check our menu for the complete list of delicacies.

Mutton Biriyani​
Basmati rice cooked with pieces of goat meat, potato, egg and flavorful spices
Masala Dosa

Potato, onion stuffing in a crispy rice flour pancake

Chicken Chettinad

A classic South Indian recipe made with chicken, spices and coconut.

Malai Kofta

Fried dumpling balls made up of mashed potatoes-veggies, cottage cheese simmered in creamy gravy

Chicken Biriyani

Basmati rice cooked with pieces of chicken, potato, egg and flavorful spices

Mutton Kosha

Goat meat and potatoes cooked in spicy onion, garlic, ginger gravy

Chicken Butter Masala

Cottage cheese curry simmered in creamy tomato gravy with a dollop of butter

Ilish Bhapa

A signature dish of Bengal where Hilsa fish pieces are steamed in mustard and coconut gravy.


We have the best chefs specialized in North Indian, South Indian, and Bengali cuisine. Wah India is a unique takeaway with a wide collection of authentic dishes from different parts of India. We are happy to have “Bhuribhoj” support our special Bengali division. “Bhuribhoj” needs no special introduction in the Netherlands and is a much-loved name among foodies.


We strongly believe that the taste of food is best when served fresh with the best quality ingredients!


We strive to make our dishes taste best using authentic spices and a touch of “Love”!


We have the best in class chefs trained to perfection for making authentic Indian dishes!